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24 Hours in Wilmington, North Carolina


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On a crazy whim, we decided to drive (12 hours!) to Wilmington, NC to check it out!!

We left at 2 am with a couple bags and baby in tow. Surprisingly it went really smooth, it was just a looooong drive. Thank you to the creators of Diego, my little one was in a trance as long as he was on the tv. I can tell you that four days later, I can’t get that theme song out of my head!

We ended up in Wilmington at 3pm and went straight to the realtors office. Then we drove around in his car for an hour on a quick tour of Wrightsville beach and a few neighborhoods. We checked into our hotel and grabbed a bite to eat and then crashed!

The next morning we drove into downtown and took in the sights. If you’ve ever watched One Tree Hill, you’ll recognize everywhere we were. The River Walk along  Cape Fear River Basin, Battleship Carolina, the historical district, all amazing! The locals were so friendly and of course we asked a lot of people how they like living there. We got a lot of great first hand information and opinions on the neighborhoods and events.

By 2pm we had to leave and we made it home at 3am! Thanks again Diego!

We loved it and I’m hoping this will soon be our new home!


Fun Stuffed Owl


This was made with some fabric scraps and ric rac.

For the front I sewed together several squares and then cut it into an owl shape. I then cut out a piece of fabric for the back. I used other scraps for the beak, eyes and wings. Then added ric rac on the front and back for a little extra embellishment. Sew right sides togher leaving a gap, turn inside out, stuff and hand sew closed.

Fast, cute and easy! Now my baby says “owl” and “who-who”!

Toddlers Hot Wheels Back Pack & Play Case


These two I found on the internet, I didn’t have a pattern for either. But I was searching for something my little one could use to bring his Hot Wheels along on the occasional trip to a restaurant. We usually can’t leave the house until he has selected the appropriate selection of cars and trucks. But we really didn’t have a tote his size to put them all in.

For the Play Case I used a green fat square for the main piece of fabric. I eyed the gray fabric and used it to mimic a road. I then made pockets and stitched those down so that cars could be stored in them. I chose another fat square for the outside fabric and attached them by first sewing them right sides together, then turning inside out and top stitching. I added a  strip of fabric on the outside so that when it is rolled up it can be tied.

For the back pack I found an easy tutorial at atsecondstreet.blogspot.com. I couldn’t download the pattern on my ipod and I still had no problems putting this together. I used fat squares but next time I would use a stronger fabric. She also uses D rings but I sewed mine together. And since the fabric I used wasn’t very stiff, I top stitched the entire thing which helped. Again, it was super easy!


Recent Photos of My Munchkin


Quick Onesie Applique


How cute is this!!!! Felt. Onesie. Would you believe I got four onesies for $2 at Marshalls! So price wise this project cost under a dollar!! I hand drew the logo, cut it out in felt and sewed it on! My teenager didn’t even know it was home made until I told him.

I thought about adding a little scrap of fabric in the back as a cape but he’s not really into the cape thing yet. Appliques on onsies – genious!

Hand Made Children’s Apron and Other Kitchen Accessories


Here are all the goodies I made for my son’s play kitchen. Aprons, chef hat, pot holders, oven mitts and dish towel. (DIY Play kitchen project is nowhere near being completed yet) I even made myself a matching apron. I didn’t have patterns so I used a play apron he already had as a guide and just really winged it.

As far as the unit itself, it basically looks the same but is sanded. I’m still stuck on the colors. The colors I’m choosing from are on the apple and pear fabric in the photos.

Valentine’s Day handprint Frame


I picked up these two white frames at a thrift store for $.99 each. I just loved the design of the frame and knew I could use them for something.

I spray painted the frame red and placed Valentine’s Day scrap book paper in the background. I had my little one do a handprint in red paint and wrote his name and the year on it. I used pink construction paper behind the handprint to give it a little extra something.

Too easy, inexpensive and very precious! I gave this one to my mom!