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Fun Stuffed Owl


This was made with some fabric scraps and ric rac.

For the front I sewed together several squares and then cut it into an owl shape. I then cut out a piece of fabric for the back. I used other scraps for the beak, eyes and wings. Then added ric rac on the front and back for a little extra embellishment. Sew right sides togher leaving a gap, turn inside out, stuff and hand sew closed.

Fast, cute and easy! Now my baby says “owl” and “who-who”!


Quick Onesie Applique


How cute is this!!!! Felt. Onesie. Would you believe I got four onesies for $2 at Marshalls! So price wise this project cost under a dollar!! I hand drew the logo, cut it out in felt and sewed it on! My teenager didn’t even know it was home made until I told him.

I thought about adding a little scrap of fabric in the back as a cape but he’s not really into the cape thing yet. Appliques on onsies – genious!

Making an Apron out of Overalls


My boyfriend had a pair of hunting overalls that he didn’t want and he gave them to my older son who didn”t want them either. Since I’ve been

looking for simple sewing projects I thought I’d try to find something to do with this pair of overalls instead of throwing them out. I thought I’d try converting them into a man apron. (nevermind the fact my boyfriend is a chef and never cooks at home and how the thought crossed my mind he may actually cook me a meal because he feels obligated to wear the apron I made him)

I had no idea what I was doing, as usual, but this is what I did and it worked:

I cut the overalls off at the knees. I took a seam ripper and took the seams out all the way up both sides and then the inseam. This makes it two seperate pieces except for the straps at the top. These straps were elastic and I ripped the seams attaching them to the back piece. So now you have two seperate pieces, the front and back. Set aside the back piece and legs that were removed. Lay the front piece down flat and spread it out. Where the inseam was you will need to cut a piece of fabric to fit. I used one of the leg pieces for this. Pin it in place. The elastic straps at the top, I just pinned the two end pieces together. Now you’ll need to cut strips out of the left over leg pieces to attach to the sides so you can tie on your apron.

I sewed the two elastic ends together. I sewed a seam up both sides. I  sewed in the pieced together inseam and then my hem. Finally I sewed the ties and attached them to the sides.

Seriously simple! And super cool that there are already pockets and lucky for me I didn’t have to fool with that.

Vote On A Color – Please!!


To go along with my son’s DIY play kitchen, I decided to make all the pot holders, aprons and little chef hat myself. The large print apple and pear fabric will be used on the actual kitchen. Once I spotted that print I knew it was ‘the one’, I love the colors and the retro/vintage look. I cut everything out without a pattern, I like to eye things, and used all coordinating fabrics. I’m excited to put it all together with my ‘new’ sewing machine! (Mommy is making herself an apron too to match her little chef!)

Today I gathered paint chips in all the colors: red, ivory, green, turquoise, chocolate and gold in the hopes I could decide on which color to paint it. I definitely decided that all the hardware is going to be dark brown. I had a couple thoughts on what colors I’d like but I still can’t quite settle on something.

The unit and the counter top are going to be two different colors. (apparently there is spray paint that resembles granite counter tops) I’m trying so hard not to go overboard with this thing! Back on track… Vote, please, on which color the unit should be: ivory, red, turquoise or gold. And the granite counter top: gold, chocolate, ivory or turquoise.


New-To-Me Sewing Machine


I grew up with crafty women in my family. They can all cook, sew, crochet, you name it. So of course I learned a lot from them. (uh-I don’t know what happened with me and the cooking part, but I am trying!) I can sew a little, and with all my crafting my mom thought I needed a sewing machine and OMG she gave me one of hers!!! (she has like 10!) not only that, but boxes of threads, bobbins, assorted feet, needles, embroidery floss, felting tools, I was completely overwhelmed! The Singer is electronic so you push the buttons to select the stitches and OMG I really need to check out the manual. I didn’t even know sewing machines had buttons and programs and things like that.
So I’m really anxious to try it out and my first project is going to be play oven mitt, an apron and chef hat for my lil monkey. (I’m planning on making him a DIY play kitchen for his birthday) Then I think I really want to try a quilt. I have no clue what to do but I want to give it a shot.
So now that I have a sewing machine and have discovered Mod Podge (to be shared at a later time) I feel like there are a million things I want to do!!!
I see play costumes, home decor, and new t shirt fashions in my near future!

Countdown to Christmas – Felt Advent Calendar


Wanting to make an advent calendar, I settled on 2 inch mittens made of felt. Very simple, I sketched a mitten, cut out a front and back,  and two round circles. The red circle is the size of a quarter. I stitched the numbers 1-25 on each red circle and then attatched the red circle to the slightly larger white circle. Then I stitched the circles to the front of the mitten. Finally, stitch the two sides of the mitten together. I left the tops open so a mini candy cane can be placed inside. I purposely didn’t want to decorate them so that the numbers would be the focus.

I haven’t decided if I want to place magnets in them and place them on the fridge or hang them from a ribbon or on the tree.

Coffee Sleeves Made Out of Felt


Those cardboard sleeves on your Starbucks coffee that still let enough heat through to be uncomfortable are really great. And I bought my dad a reuseable wool sleeve that Starbucks sold at Christmastime. I thought, why not????? The one I bought for my dad cost me $5 and was a plain dark gray. I kept my cardboard sleeve to use as a pattern and saved a cup to make sure they would fit.

So here a few I tried out. The first is a Christmas design with “hohoho”. All felt and the letters are handstitched on using red and green embroidery thread. The second is a 3 D sunflower, all hand stitched and I tried to put a lot of detail in the Sunflower. The third is a sunset scene on the beach with a palmtree.

Cost of a sheet of felt $.29. Embroidery thread $.35. Very inexpensive craft to do and depending on what your design is, this doesn’t take much time.