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First Trip to the Fair!!!!!


Sarasota County Fair March 20, 2012


Recent Photos of My Munchkin


My Little Ham


So now when I point the camera at my lil bug he automatically flashes his camera smile! Here are some of the snap shots we got the past week. So sweet peeking through the fence spying on the neighbors. He slipped in his sand box and had a funny reaction. Striking his camera pose.

I have countless photos of his funny distorted faces I’ve captured while trying to get just one good shot- thinking I could get a book published with all those silly faces. He definitely shows his expression and feelings on his face, just like his momma!

Goals for Myself in the New Year


I am not doing resolutions, But I wanted to come up with something sort of a 365 project, in part to not have those days where I feel like I’m bored or in a rut and can’t think of something to do. I want to spend time to focus a little bit each day on myself and being creative. Getting back to some of the things I love to do now that my baby boy is almost two.

I decided just that, to do a little something creative each day. And so far I’m sticking to it!  I made a long list of projects I want to do including planning my lil one’s birthday and home made gift and my big boy’s graduation. Those are creative things as well! This way I hope to stay on track and keep remembering to take time for me!

On the first day I took a photo of my baby who insisted on wearing his boots and cowboy hat!

I also completed a felt name book I had been working on. I got the idea from Flickr Quiet Book Group. I used some of the actual ideas on the site and some of my own.

For Day 2 I made a trip to the craft store to pick up supplies and be inspired. I grabbed some clear ornaments to use for gifts next year, tons of felt and embroidery thread, popcicle sticks, and other Christmas items (at 70 % off!!) . I also took a photo of lil bug reading his name book.

For Day 3 I’m going to start planning a quiet book that’ll include snaps and zippers and laces and lots of colors and numbers and fun little things to do!