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Happy Father’s Day!!!!


Mother’s Day get’s way more attention, the flowers and breakfast in bed and handmade cards. Mom’s definitely deserve it, we did give birth and all. But dad’s are special too and deserve props for all they do for us!

This Father’s Day I made my dad’s gift. I know I’m not 5 but I love home-made stuff. There are so many great craft ideas out there and I found a bunch just by googling Father’s Day ideas.

I croched a ‘”lapghan” in orange, white and blue. (GATORS!!) During the winter it get’s pretty cold up there and he loves sitting on his porch chatting with the neighbors. He can stay a little warmer without having to bundle up in a down comforter. And when he’s sitting in his easy-boy and gets a chill, he can cozy up with his lap blanket and not get smothered by a huge one. Heck, I use my baby’s blankets all the time. They’re the perfect size to throw over your lap!

I also made his card. I looked up Grandfather’s day poems and wrote the perfect one out on a blank card. I then, miraculously, got my one year old to let me brush paint on his foot and hand and press them on the card. In orange and blue paint of course!

To complete the package, I tucked in a Starbuck’s gift card, Dad’s favorite!!

For my boyfriend I did the same card but with the Hand Print and Footprint poems from a son.

I know for me, when someone takes the time to think about a gift, that’s when it really means the most. You can go out and buy anything, but it’s when there’s a meaning behind it, that’s what makes it a gift I’m grateful for. So get creative and put some thought behind your gifts this year!!!

Most importantly, Happy Father’s Day to each and every dad out there!!!! Enjoy the day with your family and friends and know that you have a special place in our hearts, right next to mom!!!!

Baby’s First Haircut


When my 18 year old was little, I left him in the care of my dad and stepmom one day so I could go to work. When my work day was done and I arrived to pick up my little man, I could have cried!!! My stepmom took him to get a haircut, without my knowledge. HIS FIRST HAIRCUT!! Not only did I miss the event, nor were there any pictures, and sadly….no hair clippings. I was upset of course and felt I had missed out on one of the milestones of having a bundle of joy.

Now with my new little one, I decided the day he was born to let his hair grow out long just to see what it would look like. I was already thinking of what hair style would best suit boy number two.

Lately his hair has been getting in his eyes and tickling his ears. It seemed to really bother him and, ugh, seemed like it was time for that first haircut. Something I wasn’t ready for.

For those of you in Sarasota- we took him to Kidsmania in Bee Ridge Road. It’s run by a mom specializing in children but also includes adults. They have video games for kids to play while they are getting a cut. Movies for little ones, toys, and cute cars to sit your tot in while they are getting their first hair cut. You can get a certificate and photo to commemorate the event.

As soon as we walk in the door, I start crying. Are you kidding me!? I’m not sure why I was crying. I didn’t know if it was emotional because it’s like that for every mom? Or because I missed out on my older son’s first haircut? As my little one explored the surroundings while waiting his turn, I kept fighting back the tears. Rediculous. It took me up until it was his turn and to be distracted by making sure I got every second on film, to stop crying.

As the stylist prepared him for this special event, he decided he didn’t really like having someone touching his long, thick brown hair and became histerical. Not even bribing him with lollipops and his favorite toy cars could calm him down. He cried and cried and tried escaping from the very car he’d enjoyed sitting in while he was waiting.

Yes, I got a good portion on video. And yes, tons of photos of his first haircut all with my little baby crying his big brown eyes out. He wouldn’t even smile for an “after” photo. As soon as he got out of the little yellow car and his little Lightning McQueen shoes hit the floor, he was over it. Smiling and walking around being that cute little attention getter I’m used to.

I was exhausted and ready to get home. I felt a sense of sadness that my little bug was growing up faster than I’d like. But I got to witness this first haircut and I have a zip lock bag full of hair for his baby book and tons of pictures.

It’s really hard getting prepared to send your first love out into the world and lose that person that has always been there that you love more than anything. And now to have the second love of my life start reaching these little milestones is just heartbreaking. The hardest part really is letting go.

It’s summer!!! Now, what to do with the kids?!?!?!


Ahhhhhh, summer is finally here!!

I love it when my son is out of school. It seems like we can relax a little from the hustle and grind of the school year and all of it’s activities. With my son playing High school football, working, friends, dances, awards ceremonies and all of the other events, summer break is way over due.

Uh, now what?!

In all reality, a couple of weeks into it, and we’re bored. Somehow we have forgotten all of the cool things we wanted to do but never had time for. So it ends up being a lot of  sitting around watching TV, video games and a grocery bill that triples. How many times can one teenager say “I’m bored”?

But wait! Let’s regroup! We live in Florida! We live where people come to vacation. They find all kinds of things to do. Is it just that we’ve done them all a million times or it doesn’t sound exciting because we aren’t on a vacation??

We live 15 minutes from the number 1 beach in the world!! Siesta Key. Our coastline has a variety of beaches, including the beach in Venice where you can dig up tons of shark’s teeth. We have Mote Marine Aquarium, G Wiz, Spanish Point, Jungle Gardens, Evie’s putt putt and driving range, Livingston’s, which has indoor go karts, video games, pool and pizza. There’s also Sun N Fun and the YMCA.

Now driving a short distance you can go out to Myakka where you can camp, canoe and walk through the canopy. There’s The Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, baseball and hockey games. And driving out a little further you can have the Orlando experience at Disney or Universal. I haven’t even touch on anything more than two hours away like Kennedy Space Center or St. Augustine.

Um, yeah, sooooooo why are we bored again????

All right mom’s, let’s share!!! What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids of all ages over the summer? Name it, big or small! Let’s inspire each other with ideas! Aaaaaand….GO!!!!