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Toddlers Hot Wheels Back Pack & Play Case


These two I found on the internet, I didn’t have a pattern for either. But I was searching for something my little one could use to bring his Hot Wheels along on the occasional trip to a restaurant. We usually can’t leave the house until he has selected the appropriate selection of cars and trucks. But we really didn’t have a tote his size to put them all in.

For the Play Case I used a green fat square for the main piece of fabric. I eyed the gray fabric and used it to mimic a road. I then made pockets and stitched those down so that cars could be stored in them. I chose another fat square for the outside fabric and attached them by first sewing them right sides together, then turning inside out and top stitching. I added a  strip of fabric on the outside so that when it is rolled up it can be tied.

For the back pack I found an easy tutorial at atsecondstreet.blogspot.com. I couldn’t download the pattern on my ipod and I still had no problems putting this together. I used fat squares but next time I would use a stronger fabric. She also uses D rings but I sewed mine together. And since the fabric I used wasn’t very stiff, I top stitched the entire thing which helped. Again, it was super easy!



A Peek at the Tree Filled With Handmade Decorations


My tree is definitely different from what I’m used to. I’ve collected so many ornaments but I’m afraid to hang anything on the tree that will break. I have a wild 19 month old, wild. Here is a peek of what it looks like, mostly handmade felt ornaments, my pipe cleaner chain and some others my son made when he was little. The little one loves it. Every time he gets close enough to touch something I say “HOT”. I don’t know if that’s the right way to go about it but it works. Still working on getting the rest of the house decorated!!

Felt Christmas Ornaments – New Ideas to Share


Figuring out that Thanksgiving is 10 days away, I realized OMG, I always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving!!! I had a goal to make a tree full of ornaments by then. I’ve only made two dozen!! Let me back up a little here and explain WHY. I have a good 10 or so storage bins of Christmas ornaments and decorations I have collected over the years. And I want to keep them, uh-hem, toddler, enough said. I really thought I had time to make at least 100 festive felt ornaments. I finished my pipe cleaner “paper chain” which is adorable. I have a basket full of pinecones that need to be painted and bows glued to still. And lots of ribbons to be tied into bows to place on the tree. I am disappointed, and I’m sure I have tons of ornaments that can be safely used. I did after all save every single little ornament and decoration my older son made when he was little. Anywhoo, I quickly made a few. Simple and festive and colorful, although not as exciting as my previous batch. I’m going to try and do some more of the ribbons and buttons together and the Santa one is kinda cute!

Granny Squares


Here’s another Holiday gift idea, something easy, inexpensive, homemade and quick. Also great for any occasion!!

This is a baby blanket I made for a friend of mine. She’s a huge Bama fan so that made it an easy decision on what colors to choose. It is one giant Granny Square approximately 4′ x 4′. When it’s one big piece like this, it goes quickly. This probably took 6 hours to crochet.

This is a ‘lap-ghan’ I made for my dad for Father’s Day this year. It’s big enough that when he sits in his lazy boy, it covers his feet and he can pull it up on his chest. It’s one big Granny Square I made out of big balls of yarn (that’s why some colors are mixed in) that were previously a scarf that was taking me two years to knit. Then I couldn’t remember how to knit so I pulled it all apart determined to make my dad something in his favorite colors. I have no idea how long it took, I have a toddler…. I had my little one model it for me holding his GATOR!!!!

Handmade Halloween Costume


My toddler’s father is Native American, Shoshone to be exact. And we always call him a wild little Indian, because he is. His name is Shiye. It means ‘son’. And it is tradition for the Indian grandmother to give the grandchild an Indian name the day they are born. His is Shiye Moon, he was born on a full moon. I call him Boo Boo or Bug.

Anywhoo, we thought it would be so cute for him to be an Indian for Halloween! I couldn’t find a costume in town. Your child can be a hot dog or an airplane or a super hero, but not one Indian. I knew I could order one online but who knows what it would look like and if it would fit. So I decided to try and make one.

I got brown pants and a brown t-shirt from Wal-Mart. They also had fringe in the sewing department. Then I picked up beads, thread, feathers, fabric paint and felt. Oh and a little bow with arrows.

I took the fabric paint and drew a zig zag on the fringe. I had no idea what I was doing but I took the felt and pieced together a head band and other decorative pieces for the shirt and pants. Then I embellished more with beads and fabric paint. Then I carefully tacked on the fringe and felt to the clothing. This way when Halloween is over, he can wear the clothing as normal.

He looked amazing when he tried it on! I may just make the next couple of costumes, before he decides he wants to be Spiderman every year!