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North Carolina or Bust!!


Right in the middle of being overwhelmed with my 18 year old finishing high school, trying to plan prom and graduation, truck shopping, scholarships, teen drama, oooohhh and there’s too much more to list when it comes to my little monkey! He’s and adventure everyday. I should probably write more about that. He could be a very entertaining book subject!! And my boyfriend and his overwhelming job as a chef and his legal issues-traffic issues really. Unpaid speeding ticket that snowballed. But, right in the middle of all of this stuff, we decide it’s a great idea to move out of state.

Its been a dream of mine for sometime to get out of Florida and live on the east coast. More specifically, Wilmington, NC. I’ve lived in Sarasota, FL for 20 years and spent a year and a half in Atlanta. I wasn’t crazy about either one. Although Tennessee is beautiful and my entire family is there, it’s not for me. I need to be near the ocean. It’s like meditation for me. When I’m staring out at the horizon and listening to the sounds of the waves, it always makes everything better.

I’ve grown to want change of seasons and fall leaves and to wear these super hot boots I bought myself two years ago. I have gorgeous sweaters boxed up and scarves I’ve never had the chance to wear. After all these years with no change of view, weather, people, I’m really longing for it.

Before I met my boyfriend, I’d just gotten out of a 10 year relationship. My son was 15. I worked as much as I could and saved every penny. I had a goal for my life and I was working hard towards it. I planned to get my son off to college, give him my Explorer, treat myself to a used Range Rover and pack up for St Augustine, FL. I wanted to spend some time there and to see if I could start up a business or land a dream job. And if it didn’t work out there, then Wilmington. I had fallen in love with it watching old episodes of Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill. It has everything I’m looking for, the city, the country, the beach and change of seasons. And the neighborhoods have character and history. Then I met my boyfriend, had a baby and my teenager is a little tiffed about the Explorer becoming unavailable.

But I didn’t let go of my dream.

So when my boyfriend said “I think we should do it”, I could feel my heart leap from my cheat in excitement! Of course we are going to research everything and make a few trips up and make sure there are jobs and great schools. But I want information from real people there, not just websites. If you know anything about Wilmington or know someone who does, I’d love to hear all about it. The good and bad, pros and cons. My number one concern is a safe and family friendly neighborhood.

If you can share any knowledge with me, that would be great!! Let’s see if I can make my dream come true before the leaves change!!


March is Going Out Like a Lion


Oh my, where did this month go? And quite honestly, I wish it would hurry up and be over already!

It started off so calm, spring settling in, kids on spring break, spending hours with my baby outside playing in the sprinkler and planting seeds.

Somehow life found me in the middle of all that springtime bliss and decided I need a reality check or drama or whatever you want to call it.

I have an 18 year old son, surprisingly not the source of any drama, who is trying to apply for scholarships, make money, finish his senior year of high school, have a life, and map everything out he needs to do the next two months. He has been wonderful, it’s his father that’s causing issues, stressing us both out, confusing him on his plans, and so on.

I have a 23 month old who is a wild free spirit and no, he’s never a cause for drama. Just a lot of messes and so much fun. But his father, my BF, drama q.u.e.e.n. He’s been in a bad mood since Christmas. To explain it more accurately, he was a Grinch at Christmas and just hasn’t stepped out of that role yet. He causes more drama than anyone needs in a lifetime. This is the result of spoiled and overly controlled parenting. Not a good mix.

So when I thought I would have nothing to do and be close to boredom, I was so wrong. Maybe it’s something in the universe causing men to get their undies in a wad. It’s not a full moon.

A big thanks to my beautiful girlfriends who have let me complain! The older I get the more thankful I am for the women in my life and the less I care to learn about what makes men tick.

I’m riding out the last week on March, bumpy as it is, in hopes April will bring a calm back to everything. And it’s my birthday month, I’m turning 40, it’s all about me!

Recent Photos of My Munchkin


Ready for Christmas!!!


I have all the shopping done, wrapping done, stockings stuffed and cookies baked! I am so ready for Christmas morning!

It’s been 80 degrees out so it doesn’t feel much like Christmas this year but I’m trying to keep in the spirit. I’ve been playing Christmas music and watching holiday movies and taking the kids to see lights and Santa.

My boyfriend has to work and my older son will go to his dads for a few hours on Christmas day. So our day will start off with a breakfast casserole and presents. Then I’ll get a roast going in the crock pot while everyones heading off. My little one and I will play with all of his new toys and wait for my son to get home in time for dinner. By then all of his friends should be piling in for more presents and leftovers.

I wish all of you a most wonderful holiday and the merriest of Christmases. We all have many blessings and I pray that you and your families are safe and enjoy the best day of the year-Merry Christmas!!!!

Momma needs to vent!


it always seems like all the other moms have it together, clean houses, well-behaved children, completely organized. And I was very analy one of those people- until I had my wild little Indian!!
I just can’t seem to keep up sometimes. And especially now he’s going through a crazy streak. All while I’m trying to stay on top of the house, teenager, groceries, Christmas.
I feel like I forget everything and get nothing accomplished. Plus I’m starting to see Daddy isn’t much on discipline.

Not to mention the attitude of a lot of new parents these days is to put your kid in daycare so they learn to behave and get socialized. Really???? I thought it was the parents job to teach everything! Since when do our babies have to know everything before the age of two???

I know moms who have had their baby in every class and organized mommy and me event ever created. I feel like that’s over stimulation.

I just want to know that everyone roses babies are not picture perfect and that you moms flip out on occasion.

Please tell me it’s like this for everyone! Please, I’m begging!

Holiday Traditions


It’s been a real challenge to create traditions in our family. I guess because we are so spread out and in my home it’s always been my son and me.  But I’ve still managed to create a few traditions and stick with them throughout the years.

Let’s see, for Halloween we would pick out a new black cat decoration. At Christmas we always give toys to a charity, I started with a Hallmark Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament and plan to get a new one each year, we go to the Christmas parade and of course drive around and look at Christmas Lights. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

 One tradition I started when my son was little was, every year I took a picture of him in front of the tree. Then the following Christmas I would buy a Christmas frame and set the frames up in order according to year. (I wrote the year on the back of the frames.) So now every Christmas when I decorate, I line them up and can see how my boy has changed over the years and what our tree looked like. Then when my little one came along, I took a picture of him alone and another with the boys together.

This will be my older son’s last Christmas while living at home so I’m really grateful I have the little one and time to think up some new traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Today my son and I are going to go ahead and hang our Christmas lights on the house. I typically do that the day after Thanksgiving instead of shopping. But this year my boyfriend is working (he’s a chef) and so we decided to have our Thanksgiving on his day off. And I guess we’ll have to pick out a tree then as well.

I’m sure we all have our special things we are thankful for. I have one I’d like to share. My dear friend Ryan passed away in March at the age of 29. The day his baby boy turned a month old.  (Ryan introduced me to my boyfriend, and so I always thanked him for my little one.) The baby and his mom had to move back to Wisconsin with her family. I was broken hearted because Ryan and I talked of raising our boys together. Mommy and baby were here visiting and we just couldn’t coordinate getting together. She was supposed to fly home this past Monday and I was sad and really upset, I thought Ryan would be so mad at me for not spending time with his boy. I couldn’t shake it. Monday night, when she should have already made it home, she called me. She missed her flight. So yesterday I spent the afternoon with my dear friends baby boy. I can’t describe the feeling I had (not to mention he couldn’t look anymore like his father) but I thanked Ryan for giving me the time with his beautiful baby. And now his family has their little blessing with them on their first Thanksgiving without him.

I am thankful I had that friendship and that it led me to the life I have now. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to stay a part of a sweet little boy’s life.

Everyone enjoy your own Thanksgiving traditions however you do them!!!!! And take the time to appreciate those little blessings we receive every day!

…And He Finally Arrives…


Yesterday, our very blessed family welcomed our newest addition, Shane Ryan! A healthy 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 in long.
Wednesday evening my younger brother and his girlfriend checked into the hospital ready to be induced. There were some complications early Thursday morning and they were sent in for an emergency c section. Not what one hopes for, but everyone is doing great.

My brother just kept saying it was ‘crazy’.
Good luck little brother! There is nothing in the world like having a son. I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait for you to experience every second of what it means to be a dad. You have the most incredible journey ahead of you.
Auntie Rena loves you little Shane! I can’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!


Mother’s Day get’s way more attention, the flowers and breakfast in bed and handmade cards. Mom’s definitely deserve it, we did give birth and all. But dad’s are special too and deserve props for all they do for us!

This Father’s Day I made my dad’s gift. I know I’m not 5 but I love home-made stuff. There are so many great craft ideas out there and I found a bunch just by googling Father’s Day ideas.

I croched a ‘”lapghan” in orange, white and blue. (GATORS!!) During the winter it get’s pretty cold up there and he loves sitting on his porch chatting with the neighbors. He can stay a little warmer without having to bundle up in a down comforter. And when he’s sitting in his easy-boy and gets a chill, he can cozy up with his lap blanket and not get smothered by a huge one. Heck, I use my baby’s blankets all the time. They’re the perfect size to throw over your lap!

I also made his card. I looked up Grandfather’s day poems and wrote the perfect one out on a blank card. I then, miraculously, got my one year old to let me brush paint on his foot and hand and press them on the card. In orange and blue paint of course!

To complete the package, I tucked in a Starbuck’s gift card, Dad’s favorite!!

For my boyfriend I did the same card but with the Hand Print and Footprint poems from a son.

I know for me, when someone takes the time to think about a gift, that’s when it really means the most. You can go out and buy anything, but it’s when there’s a meaning behind it, that’s what makes it a gift I’m grateful for. So get creative and put some thought behind your gifts this year!!!

Most importantly, Happy Father’s Day to each and every dad out there!!!! Enjoy the day with your family and friends and know that you have a special place in our hearts, right next to mom!!!!