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Easter Wreath and Fabric Eggs


Easter Wreath:

All items purchased at the dollar store. A wreath, ribbon, artificial foliage and plastic eggs. The only other item need was a glue gun.

I first wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and tacked it down with glue. Second, I pulled apart the foliage from the stems and glued them to the wreath. Lastly I glued eggs in between the foliage.


Fabric Eggs:

Items needed are fabric scraps and sewing machine.

I found these on a blog called retro-mama.blogspot.com. There you can see her beautiful photos and a step by step tutorial. Much better than my basic directions. I didn’t use a pattern, just kind of free-handed it. You will cut out four exact pieces in fabric. Lay two pieces right sides together and sew one edge. Add a third piece placing right sides together and sew one edge. Add the fourth piece and do the same. When you sew your last edge, leave a gap. Turn inside out, stuff and hand sew closed.