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North Carolina or Bust!!


Right in the middle of being overwhelmed with my 18 year old finishing high school, trying to plan prom and graduation, truck shopping, scholarships, teen drama, oooohhh and there’s too much more to list when it comes to my little monkey! He’s and adventure everyday. I should probably write more about that. He could be a very entertaining book subject!! And my boyfriend and his overwhelming job as a chef and his legal issues-traffic issues really. Unpaid speeding ticket that snowballed. But, right in the middle of all of this stuff, we decide it’s a great idea to move out of state.

Its been a dream of mine for sometime to get out of Florida and live on the east coast. More specifically, Wilmington, NC. I’ve lived in Sarasota, FL for 20 years and spent a year and a half in Atlanta. I wasn’t crazy about either one. Although Tennessee is beautiful and my entire family is there, it’s not for me. I need to be near the ocean. It’s like meditation for me. When I’m staring out at the horizon and listening to the sounds of the waves, it always makes everything better.

I’ve grown to want change of seasons and fall leaves and to wear these super hot boots I bought myself two years ago. I have gorgeous sweaters boxed up and scarves I’ve never had the chance to wear. After all these years with no change of view, weather, people, I’m really longing for it.

Before I met my boyfriend, I’d just gotten out of a 10 year relationship. My son was 15. I worked as much as I could and saved every penny. I had a goal for my life and I was working hard towards it. I planned to get my son off to college, give him my Explorer, treat myself to a used Range Rover and pack up for St Augustine, FL. I wanted to spend some time there and to see if I could start up a business or land a dream job. And if it didn’t work out there, then Wilmington. I had fallen in love with it watching old episodes of Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill. It has everything I’m looking for, the city, the country, the beach and change of seasons. And the neighborhoods have character and history. Then I met my boyfriend, had a baby and my teenager is a little tiffed about the Explorer becoming unavailable.

But I didn’t let go of my dream.

So when my boyfriend said “I think we should do it”, I could feel my heart leap from my cheat in excitement! Of course we are going to research everything and make a few trips up and make sure there are jobs and great schools. But I want information from real people there, not just websites. If you know anything about Wilmington or know someone who does, I’d love to hear all about it. The good and bad, pros and cons. My number one concern is a safe and family friendly neighborhood.

If you can share any knowledge with me, that would be great!! Let’s see if I can make my dream come true before the leaves change!!