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Easter Wreath and Fabric Eggs


Easter Wreath:

All items purchased at the dollar store. A wreath, ribbon, artificial foliage and plastic eggs. The only other item need was a glue gun.

I first wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and tacked it down with glue. Second, I pulled apart the foliage from the stems and glued them to the wreath. Lastly I glued eggs in between the foliage.


Fabric Eggs:

Items needed are fabric scraps and sewing machine.

I found these on a blog called retro-mama.blogspot.com. There you can see her beautiful photos and a step by step tutorial. Much better than my basic directions. I didn’t use a pattern, just kind of free-handed it. You will cut out four exact pieces in fabric. Lay two pieces right sides together and sew one edge. Add a third piece placing right sides together and sew one edge. Add the fourth piece and do the same. When you sew your last edge, leave a gap. Turn inside out, stuff and hand sew closed.



Fun Stuffed Owl


This was made with some fabric scraps and ric rac.

For the front I sewed together several squares and then cut it into an owl shape. I then cut out a piece of fabric for the back. I used other scraps for the beak, eyes and wings. Then added ric rac on the front and back for a little extra embellishment. Sew right sides togher leaving a gap, turn inside out, stuff and hand sew closed.

Fast, cute and easy! Now my baby says “owl” and “who-who”!

Watermelon Toes



I have a serious nail polish collection. I change my color religiously. I’m always looking for creative ways to paint my piggy’s. so why not watermelon’s!!!!

Paint all over color in fushia. Paint a stripe along your tips in a lime green. Then with a darker green, go over the lime. next paint a white stripe between the green and fushia. My white has a skinny long brush for making lines and designs. Take black and pop in a few seeds. Cover with a coat or two of top coat and you’ll have the cutest pigs ever!!

Quick Onesie Applique


How cute is this!!!! Felt. Onesie. Would you believe I got four onesies for $2 at Marshalls! So price wise this project cost under a dollar!! I hand drew the logo, cut it out in felt and sewed it on! My teenager didn’t even know it was home made until I told him.

I thought about adding a little scrap of fabric in the back as a cape but he’s not really into the cape thing yet. Appliques on onsies – genious!

Hand Made Children’s Apron and Other Kitchen Accessories


Here are all the goodies I made for my son’s play kitchen. Aprons, chef hat, pot holders, oven mitts and dish towel. (DIY Play kitchen project is nowhere near being completed yet) I even made myself a matching apron. I didn’t have patterns so I used a play apron he already had as a guide and just really winged it.

As far as the unit itself, it basically looks the same but is sanded. I’m still stuck on the colors. The colors I’m choosing from are on the apple and pear fabric in the photos.

Valentine’s Day handprint Frame


I picked up these two white frames at a thrift store for $.99 each. I just loved the design of the frame and knew I could use them for something.

I spray painted the frame red and placed Valentine’s Day scrap book paper in the background. I had my little one do a handprint in red paint and wrote his name and the year on it. I used pink construction paper behind the handprint to give it a little extra something.

Too easy, inexpensive and very precious! I gave this one to my mom!

Cute Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts


This is such a cute gift idea for Valentine’s Day – especially for Grandparents!!

Wood cubes and frames were purchased at Michael’s for $.99 each. Mod Podge for $3.50 . Scrap book paper I already had. I printed out 5 pictures of my boys together in the sepia tone.

For the frame: I chose a paper I liked and first brushed Mod Podge over the front of the entire frame. I placed the frame on top of the paper, easier than laying the paper on top of the frame. I flipped it over and made sure the paper was smoothed out. I trimmed the edges and also cut the heart out leaving an edge of paper I could fold into the heart cutout. Then you brush the Mod Podge over the entire paper surface. I used three coats.

For the photo cubes: I painted the wooden cubes, then cut my pictures to fit four cubes grouped together. Cut the picture into four squares. Glue a square to each cube and once you have all six sides covered in your photos, Mod Podge the entire cube. It was hard for me to figure the pics out and they are my kids!

My Mother loved them and I have to say I loved them!

Vote On A Color – Please!!


To go along with my son’s DIY play kitchen, I decided to make all the pot holders, aprons and little chef hat myself. The large print apple and pear fabric will be used on the actual kitchen. Once I spotted that print I knew it was ‘the one’, I love the colors and the retro/vintage look. I cut everything out without a pattern, I like to eye things, and used all coordinating fabrics. I’m excited to put it all together with my ‘new’ sewing machine! (Mommy is making herself an apron too to match her little chef!)

Today I gathered paint chips in all the colors: red, ivory, green, turquoise, chocolate and gold in the hopes I could decide on which color to paint it. I definitely decided that all the hardware is going to be dark brown. I had a couple thoughts on what colors I’d like but I still can’t quite settle on something.

The unit and the counter top are going to be two different colors. (apparently there is spray paint that resembles granite counter tops) I’m trying so hard not to go overboard with this thing! Back on track… Vote, please, on which color the unit should be: ivory, red, turquoise or gold. And the granite counter top: gold, chocolate, ivory or turquoise.


Here Goes Nothin’ – DIY Play Kitchen Project


Ooookaaaaayyyy- here we go!

I wanted to make my son a DIY, home made play kitchen for his 2nd birthday, which is the end of April. There are so many amazing play kitchens all over the internet that helped me figure out what design I wanted for mine, ahem, I mean my son’s. I’ve been hoarding play food, dishes, searching everywhere for little tiny pots and pans and utensils and now, I finally found the piece of furniture I am going to transform into the coolest play kitchen ever!

Try to imagine, on the left a sink with storage below, and storage above. Then to the right, a stove, an oven below, a microwave above (yes, I found a little microwave!) and cute little pot holders hanging from hooks. I’m even thinking of painting one of the sides with chalk board paint and magnetic paint.

Of course I’ve been roaming through home improvement stores absorbing ideas and choosing paint colors. I’ve picked out handles and knobs and back splash options. If I had my way at this point, this thing would end up costing me a couple hundred dollars. But my goal is to make it as fabulous as I envision while keeping the cost below $50.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’ve spent so far:

Dishes, utensils, pots, baking dishes $40

Fabrics for pot holders, aprons, napkins, etc. $40

TV stand $20

Okay so now I start at the part where I want to keep it under $50. : ) Don’t tell Daddy!

Wish me luck!

New-To-Me Sewing Machine


I grew up with crafty women in my family. They can all cook, sew, crochet, you name it. So of course I learned a lot from them. (uh-I don’t know what happened with me and the cooking part, but I am trying!) I can sew a little, and with all my crafting my mom thought I needed a sewing machine and OMG she gave me one of hers!!! (she has like 10!) not only that, but boxes of threads, bobbins, assorted feet, needles, embroidery floss, felting tools, I was completely overwhelmed! The Singer is electronic so you push the buttons to select the stitches and OMG I really need to check out the manual. I didn’t even know sewing machines had buttons and programs and things like that.
So I’m really anxious to try it out and my first project is going to be play oven mitt, an apron and chef hat for my lil monkey. (I’m planning on making him a DIY play kitchen for his birthday) Then I think I really want to try a quilt. I have no clue what to do but I want to give it a shot.
So now that I have a sewing machine and have discovered Mod Podge (to be shared at a later time) I feel like there are a million things I want to do!!!
I see play costumes, home decor, and new t shirt fashions in my near future!