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24 Hours in Wilmington, North Carolina


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On a crazy whim, we decided to drive (12 hours!) to Wilmington, NC to check it out!!

We left at 2 am with a couple bags and baby in tow. Surprisingly it went really smooth, it was just a looooong drive. Thank you to the creators of Diego, my little one was in a trance as long as he was on the tv. I can tell you that four days later, I can’t get that theme song out of my head!

We ended up in Wilmington at 3pm and went straight to the realtors office. Then we drove around in his car for an hour on a quick tour of Wrightsville beach and a few neighborhoods. We checked into our hotel and grabbed a bite to eat and then crashed!

The next morning we drove into downtown and took in the sights. If you’ve ever watched One Tree Hill, you’ll recognize everywhere we were. The River Walk along  Cape Fear River Basin, Battleship Carolina, the historical district, all amazing! The locals were so friendly and of course we asked a lot of people how they like living there. We got a lot of great first hand information and opinions on the neighborhoods and events.

By 2pm we had to leave and we made it home at 3am! Thanks again Diego!

We loved it and I’m hoping this will soon be our new home!


FREE Children’s Books


I was searching our public libraries to see what they have going on as far as activities for toddlers, and I came across a program sponsored by Dolly Parton that sends your child 1 free book every month until they turn 5. All I had to do was register him and they approved him.
It’s the Dolly Parton Imaginarium Library. I don’t know if all libraries have the same program, I would hope so! It’s such a great idea to keep kids interested in books. With the prices of books these days and all the technological gadgets and TV, and for those who just can’t afford new books.
I first arrival is “The Little Engine That Could”. My little one was excited over the choo choo illustrations and I was excited to know that he will get a new story every month, until he’s 5!! And it’s free!!
I hope you all can find something similar where you live, it’s so worth checking out!!

Cute Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts


This is such a cute gift idea for Valentine’s Day – especially for Grandparents!!

Wood cubes and frames were purchased at Michael’s for $.99 each. Mod Podge for $3.50 . Scrap book paper I already had. I printed out 5 pictures of my boys together in the sepia tone.

For the frame: I chose a paper I liked and first brushed Mod Podge over the front of the entire frame. I placed the frame on top of the paper, easier than laying the paper on top of the frame. I flipped it over and made sure the paper was smoothed out. I trimmed the edges and also cut the heart out leaving an edge of paper I could fold into the heart cutout. Then you brush the Mod Podge over the entire paper surface. I used three coats.

For the photo cubes: I painted the wooden cubes, then cut my pictures to fit four cubes grouped together. Cut the picture into four squares. Glue a square to each cube and once you have all six sides covered in your photos, Mod Podge the entire cube. It was hard for me to figure the pics out and they are my kids!

My Mother loved them and I have to say I loved them!

Gifts From Mom


I love family heirlooms, especially because my family doesn’t seem to have any. I have some original old photographs from the 40’s which I treasure. I have my parents marriage certificate and some of my grandmothers knick knacks.
Today my mom gave me (I don’t know what they’re called) these lace scarves that she wore as a little girl while attending Mass. She said they are over 50 years old and she thought I could do something with them. And of course, I will. It’s so nice to have something to treasure.

Some of my other ‘treasures’ are a blanket my grandmother crocheted for me 20 years ago, a doily my mom made 10 years ago, a baby blanket I brought the little one home in that his father came home in. I also saved every piece of artwork and writing my older son did in school. (he just gave me a few new pieces last week!) a blanket I received as a gift when he was born, a whole baby box of his stuff. And of course I started a baby box for my tot. Oh and I can’t forget hundreds of letters from my Italian grandmother (Nana) and her amazing family recipes!!!

It means the world to have a piece of my families past, still have them in the present and have so much to look forward to in the future.

Great Gift Idea for Teens!!!


My mother is down visiting for a couple days and she brought presents!! But I have to share this one because it’s very clever ands drove my teenager nuts!!

She gave him a medium sized box. He opened it up and all you could see was shredded newspaper, completely packed with shredded newspaper. She folded up one dollar bills and mixed them in with the paper and he had to dig them all out. She wouldn’t tell him how many bills were in there. It’s much harder to do than it sounds. It’s not easy to spot the bills because they blend in really well. This took him about 15-20 minutes.

He had fun, it drove him nuts, but he love that stack 50 one dollar bills!!!!

This would be great for birthdays and even Christmas but, especially great for graduations!!!

So cute, I can’t wait to try it!!



ugh…it has struck me! The holidays are behind us and I have a lot of upcoming events to tackle and I do have a list of goals and crafts to accomplish. But I either have the after the holidays blues or something!
We never got a winter so I’m wearing the same shorts and t shirts I’ve been wearing forever it seems. I was so excited to break out hoodies and sweaters and those high heeled boots I never get to wear!
No change of seasons, no change. I get up early with the nugget, the bf goes off to work, chores, try to entertain the nugget, teenager with a million needs, more entertaining the nugget. Anywho then I’m off to bed waiting for the bf to get home, then sleep.
The lack of friends since the baby blows! The depressing, tired moms at story time and the playground blows! I havent been back to story time in weeks.
I’m not really complaining (even though it seems like it, yikes!) I’m just bored! I have lots I want to do, but I need to shake things up!! A vacation or short trip would be heaven! Yep, that’s what I need, a new place to look at and something new outside of our daily routine. Disney!!?? Hmmm…sounds like a plan! I’ll work on the bf about that one.
Meanwhile I’ll keep pushing forward and try to get out of this slump!!!! Although it really would have helped to have a ‘winter’ this year!!!

Days 3, 4 & 5!


On the third day of following through on my goal, I completed the first page of my tots Quiet Book. A tool box with four tools, it opens up and the tools can come out.

On the fourth day I completed the second page, an artists palette and paintbrush. The paint colors are held on by velcro on for matching and learning colors.
On this fifth day I finished Mr. Potato Head. All of his accessories have snaps to snap them on. I included options of course, two of everything! I may decide to add arms to him later. I cut out a caterpillar with a cocoon. The caterpillar pieces are all in the cocoon and you take them out and snap them in place to create the full caterpillar. I may add a butterfly or two in there somewhere. That, or save it for the next page.
These were all inspired by the Flickr Quiet Book Group Pool. I don’t have any patterns and am free handing everything and using all felt and embroidery thread. I keep searching for more ideas to add to my list of pages and there are so many great ones to try. I welcome any ideas out there!
My lil one is already showing a huge interest in all the pieces and what they’re for. I can’t wait to finish- but it might be a few months!
Some other ideas I’m going to try are a barn with animals, a dump truck, the moon and stars and planets,  counting ice cream scoops and a mailbox with letters.

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Track Santa !! NORAD Santa Tracker


I thought some of you parents may not know about this so I wanted to share!

I don’t have the exact website address but if you google NORAD Santa Tracker, it will pull it right up. I used to do this for my older son when he still believed in Santa Clause.

The main thing is it tracks Santa on Christmas Eve so your little ones can see where he is. There are also games and lots of other things to entertain your children.

Check it out and I hope it’s a lot of fun for the kids!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Ready for Christmas!!!


I have all the shopping done, wrapping done, stockings stuffed and cookies baked! I am so ready for Christmas morning!

It’s been 80 degrees out so it doesn’t feel much like Christmas this year but I’m trying to keep in the spirit. I’ve been playing Christmas music and watching holiday movies and taking the kids to see lights and Santa.

My boyfriend has to work and my older son will go to his dads for a few hours on Christmas day. So our day will start off with a breakfast casserole and presents. Then I’ll get a roast going in the crock pot while everyones heading off. My little one and I will play with all of his new toys and wait for my son to get home in time for dinner. By then all of his friends should be piling in for more presents and leftovers.

I wish all of you a most wonderful holiday and the merriest of Christmases. We all have many blessings and I pray that you and your families are safe and enjoy the best day of the year-Merry Christmas!!!!