Olay Total Effects


I don’t normally talk about products but I am literally days away from 40 (OMG!!!!!!) and I am starting to panic here!!! Mostly being home with kids all day I don’t wear make up a lot anymore. I have noticed the toll sunbathing has taken on my skin and the horrible sun spots all over. My skin has also become dull and always looks dry so those little lines are really standing out.

I have always used Oil of Olay as a moisturizer because it’s the only one that doesn’t break my face out. There are so many wrinkle products out there I didn’t know where to begin, so I stuck with what I know. I decided to give Olay Total Effects a try and I was not disappointed!

I really, really wish I would have taken before pictures! In about 2 to 3 days my skin looked moisturized which made the dry appearance and little fine lines seem to disappear. The dull, pasty look was gone and I had a pink back to my tone. My biggest amazement, those sun spots – gone!

I recommend trying it and there are also a few more products I’m going to try out. I’m on the look out for something to brighten up my tired eye look!!


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